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World Holidays for Chaos Data

Transportable Records is a feature in Chaos Intellect and Time & Chaos that allows you to send and receive appointments and other data directly to and from Chaos databases.

Below are the holidays for many different countries that you can easily merge into your existing appointments database simply by accepting them. No typing required!

These files are intended for use with Chaos Intellect 3 or newer, and Time & Chaos 6 or newer

  1. Open the data folder in Intellect or Time & Chaos you want to add this data to
  2. Click on a country or schedule
  3. Choose to Open this file when prompted by your browser
  4. Accept the items once they appear in the Chaos In-Basket

Available National Holidays:

Also available:


Additional Instructions:

If you choose to save a transportable record to your hard drive, be sure that it has an extension of .ixp and double-click on the file when the download is complete. The in-basket of Time & Chaos will open automatically and you can add the schedule to your existing appointments database.



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