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Chaos Software Group, Inc.

Chaos Software has been making better CRM and PIM applications for micro/small business and individual users since 1992, including the award winning contact relationship manager program Time & Chaos, Chaos Intellect business CRM email software with auto-linked email history for contacts, and Legal Billing time and billing software for attorneys and professionals. Each of these products can utilize shared databases on a network without any expensive server hardware or software requirements.

Why choose Chaos Software?

1. We make programs for Windows you buy, not rent or lease

We make great programs for Windows that install locally and store data locally with no cloud required. License our software by the number of users, not computers. A single one-time purchase is all that is required to use the version you purchase for as long as you like! We will also provide two years of upgrade protection so IF a paid upgrade to a new version is released within two years of your purchase, you will be eligible to get it for free.

  • One-time purchase, not a lease or rental
  • License by the number of users, not the number of computers
  • Upgrade protection for free updates for two years and discounted upgrades after that
  • Data stored on your own computers with no Internet access or cloud storage required
legal billing logo Legal Billing is designed for busy lawyers who need simple time slips, expenses and payments.
chaos intellect logo Chaos Intellect is our top-of-the-line with powerful email and contact management. See email history for contacts at a glance! Send personalized messages to groups!
time and chaos logo Time & Chaos has the same great contacts and calendars as Chaos Intellect but without the business email features for users who prefer it lean.

2. Powerful Cloud service is available but optional

Only if you need to share data with another computer outside of your location or with a smart phone or just need a web-based version you can use in pinch when away from your computer, you can add the additional power that our ChaosHost.com service on the internet can offer. Synchronization capabilities are built-in to our windows apps and you can sync with our ChaosHost.com service from most types of smart phones, too. Synchronization with our servers means you can get data to your device without needing to give your data to Microsoft, Google or Apple.

  • Subscription is optional and only if you need the extra features
  • Sync with Android devices
  • Sync with iPhones and iPads
  • Sync with other Windows computers where our software is installed
  • You don't lose or replace the full featured Windows software, you just add synchronization features

ChaosHostKeep your Android or iPhone in sync with your PC, keep PC's at different locations coordinated and even work online from any web browser, including mobile browsers! Learn more at ChaosHost.com and take advantage of a 30 day free trial with our custom cloud service designed exclusively for our Chaos databases used in Intellect, Time & Chaos and Legal Billing!

chaos plus chaoshost works with iphone android and other locations

Smart Phone Compatible?   Our databases are ready to be shared with the newest generation of smart phones! Just click on the mobile device OS for more details:  Android or iPhone or iPad

3. Privacy is important to us

All too often users are made the product through trackers gathering information about you or scanning your data for details useful for advertisements. NOT HERE! Our Windows program has no user tracking and it sends no data to us (except for what you intend, of course, if you use the optional ChaosHost.com cloud service). Our ChaosHost.com service also does not have trackers gathering info on your habits, nor is the data you share with ChaosHost.com ever made available to any third parties.

ChaosHost.com can be a source for Androids and iPhones to sync with without needing to share your data with Microsoft's, Google's or Apple's servers, keeping your data private from their eyes too.

  • Your data is private and not shared with anyone you don't choose
  • No trackers in our Windows apps or our Mobile apps
  • No advertising in our software or on ChaosHost.com
  • Keep your data off of Microsoft's, Google's and Apple's servers
  • Remove your data from ChaosHost.com at any time

Want to review our Privacy statements? Here is our company privacy statement. We also have some supplemental privacy statements for users of the mail features in Chaos Intellect and users of our ChaosHost.com service.

       Specific to Chaos Intellect users: Our email privacy statement
       Specific to ChaosHost.com subscribers: Our data hosting privacy statement

Free video training

Want to learn our software quickly? View the full video training course schedule in our Chaos University!

Every class is 10 minutes or less so you can quickly be an expert!

Why not start with our Intellect 101 video to introduce you to our contact manager software? (If you use Time & Chaos, these videos still apply as everything is the same but for the added mail features found in Chaos Intellect.)

Intellect video introduction

Use Legal Billing? Here is the course schedule specific to our time and billing and invoicing software.

What's new in Intellect 10.3?

3/27/2024: The newest version of Chaos Intellect has just been released and there are many new changes you'll want to know about.

While you can see the full Revision History for a more complete list of changes, the biggest highlight is the all new message editor to create your emails.

Check out the full What's New video in our Chaos University!

whats new in Chaos Intellect 10.3


Still looking for something? Here's our sitemap!

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   Our company privacy statement - Chaos Software Group, Inc. honors your privacy!

       Specific to Chaos Intellect users: Our email privacy statement
       Specific to ChaosHost.com subscribers: Our data hosting privacy statement

Same people, new name

Were you expecting someone else? We changed our official company name in July 2003 from iSBiSTER International, Inc. Same people, new name!



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